2020 November Newsletter

Etna Elementary Newsletter
November 2020


  • November 3rd & 4th – Etna Enrichment Express
  • November 6th – No School
  • November 11th – Veterans Day 
  • Musical Tribute to Veterans 
  • November 13th – No School 
  • November 17th – 4:00pm Parents Making a Difference Title 1 Zoom Meeting
  • November 18th – 5:30pm Parents Making a Difference Title 1 Zoom Meeting
  • November 16th-19th – Virtual Parent Teacher Conference 
  • Parent Teacher Conference Signup
  • November 25th – Turkey Trot
  • November 25th – Early Release 10:54 am
  • November 26th & 27th – Thanksgiving Break No School

Principals Message

Parent Teacher Conferences, New Grading and Report Cards

    Parent Teacher Conferences will be held via zoom or telephone call this semester.  Please use the link to schedule a time with your child’s teacher.  ” Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler ” They will then be in communication with you on how they will be holding their conferences. We hope you AND your child will participate in the conference. We strive for 100% participation.

    In an effort to improve the consistency and accuracy of our academic grades, we have implemented standards-based grading in grades K-6.  Through the accreditation process, LCSD#2 has been identified for improvement in this area.

     We have the ability to report on a student’s growth toward expected skills and Wyoming State Standards.  Through this approach, we can celebrate specific areas that your child is doing well in and also target areas that need improvement.

     The focus is on mastering skills based on targeted assessments and not on points accumulated, an average of all the scores in a semester, or on school behavior (i.e. turning in homework). We will now have conversations about academic proficiency relative to the standards taught and the results of formal grade level assessments. In addition, and most importantly, the school behaviors that are critical to success will also be reported on and discussed in conferences.

Emergency Drills

      In October, we practiced fire and earthquake drills.  Staff and students excelled at both of these.  However, whenever we conduct drills there is always more structure and supervision than will be possible in an actual situation.  For example, if a fire started during lunch, few of our children would be with their teacher.     

     Because we never know when we might have a fire, earthquake, or unwelcome intruder; we teach our students the principles for action and decision making. I believe knowledge is power and a sense of control alleviates anxiety. Students know we have plans and they know (in general) how to react in emergency situations. However, we need to do a little more preparation with them in the event we have a threat in the building.

     In school-wide discussions, we talk about three basic principles I believe they can remember: HIDE (securely), FLEE (until you are completely away from any chance of the threat), and FIGHT (when all else fails in the face of the threat).  The idea of a threat is scary, but I believe we need to empower students for their emotional benefit and physical safety, so they can respond if such a tragic event ever came to our campus.  We are working on an addition to our school-wide response protocol and that is the process for reunification for students and parents after an event.

     At some point we will be conducting an intruder drill. I will publish the date via email 48 hours in advance.  It is anticipated that our school resource officer and superintendent will be here to observe and participate in our drill.   If, for any reason, you believe participating in this drill will not be a productive experience for your child you may excuse them from the activity.

Our Scholastic Book Fair has moved ONLINE for fall 2020! Over 6,000 products are available.  You can shop between November 9th-22nd. Fa-la-la-la-la, get your Christmas shopping done early! 25% of proceeds are returned to Etna Elementary in the form of books.  Go to https://www.scholastic.com/bf/etnawyoming or Google “Scholastic Book Fairs”, click “Find a Fair”, and search for Etna Elementary School.

All purchases are delivered directly to your home address.  Free shipping is offered for book purchases over $25 (this will not apply to non-book items).

Thank you for supporting our school!

Masks in School

November Diabetes Awareness Month

November Lunch

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