November Calendar

  • Nov  5 – No School
  • Nov 11 – Veterans Day
  • Nov 12 – No School – Friday Academy
  • Nov 15-19 – Parent Teacher  Conferences (Watch for sign-ups via email and website)
  • Nov 15-19 – Book Fair (Library open late Nov 17th)
  • Nov 18 – Annie Jr. Play – 1:00 pm and 6 pm
  • Nov 19 – Mustang Spirit Day
  • Nov 24 – Turkey Trot – Early Release 10:54 am
  • Nov 25-26 – Thanksgiving Holiday

Principals Message

Parent Teacher Conferences and Safety Drills

    Parent Teacher Conferences will be held face to face, via zoom or telephone call this semester.  Please use the link to schedule a time with your child’s teacher.  “Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler” We will assume the conference is face to face unless you or the teacher specify otherwise. We hope you AND your child will participate in the conference. We strive for 100% participation.

    For those of you who are new, in an effort to improve the consistency and accuracy of our academic grades, we use standards-based grading in grades K-6.  Students’ grades are marked relative to levels on a rubric and directly tied to learning standards.  However, we value a students’ marking in regard to behavior or citizenship just as highly as the academic portion of the grade book.  We also look at growth as the real measure to celebrate.  Learning is a journey not a destination, and we hope to move all students forward as far and fast as possible.


Emergency Drills

      In October, we practiced fire and earthquake drills.  Staff and students excelled at both of these.  However, whenever we conduct drills there is always more structure and supervision than will be possible in an actual situation.  For example, if a fire started during lunch, few of our children would be with their teacher.     

     Because we never know when we might have a fire, earthquake, or unwelcome intruder; we teach our students the principles for action and decision making. I believe knowledge is power and a sense of control alleviates anxiety. Students know we have plans and they know (in general) how to react in emergency situations. However, we need to do a little more preparation with them in the event we have a threat in the building.

     In school-wide discussions, we talk about three basic principles I believe they can remember: HIDE (securely), FLEE (until you are completely away from any chance of the threat), and FIGHT (when all else fails in the face of the threat).  The idea of a threat is scary, but I believe we need to empower students for their emotional benefit and physical safety, so they can respond if such a tragic event ever came to our campus.  We are working on an addition to our school-wide response protocol and that is the process for reunification for students and parents after an event.

     At some point we will be conducting an intruder drill. I will publish the date via email 48 hours in advance.  It is anticipated that our school resource officer and superintendent will be here to observe and participate in our drill.   If, for any reason, you believe participating in this drill will not be a productive experience for your child you may excuse them from the activity.



Thank you for helping make this a great year at Etna Elementary.  We appreciate your support and all you do to make this a good experience for your child.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 307-885-2472.

October Mustang Mentors

Mustang Mentors are students selected by their teachers for demonstrating strength in one or all of our 8 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills:  Name It to Tame It, Body Awareness, Focused Attention, Self-Awareness, Golden Rule, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, & Leadership.  

 Mustang Mentors are announced once a month at our Mustang School Spirit Day and will be honored for one month.  Their photos will be posted on the Mustang Mentor Wall.  If you would like more information about each of our 8 skills, please email gro.2dscl@nosamtrukba

Back Row (l-r): Johnny Evinger, Hayden Kennedy, Jillian Jackson, Ellie Petersen, Rachel Smith, Noah Stiefvater, Zoey Burnham, Jake Simmons
Middle Row (l-r): Colten Stroh, Emma Daniel, Braxton Martinez, McKinley Frye, Kirk Mobley,
Scarlet Tipton, Creedin Collard, Meysa Sutton
Front Row (l-r): Titan Titensor, Manny Clegg, Maddox Brog, Laila Mosgeller, Myklie Merritt,
Ezra Boogaard, Rylie Deming, Jaxton Dunne, Olivia Vogel, Ella Occhi

We want every student to have a wonderful Christmas this year!  If your family is in need of support this Christmas, The Bank of Star Valley will be sponsoring an Angel Tree Program.  We will be using their Angel Tree to make a great Christmas for your child.  The Bank of Star Valley will begin accepting applications November 1st.  The application is attached.  The application will need to  be printed, filled out, and taken to any one of the 3 branches of The Bank of Star Valley. 

     Etna Elementary welcomes two more staff members 


Mrs. Val Ruthardt  –  Title One Aide 

Mrs. Ruthardt has lived in the mountains for 27 years, having been born in Milwaukee, WI and lived in Minnetonka, MN for 10 years before moving to Star Valley.  She has been married for 41 years to Mr. Dave, the OT.  She has a married daughter who is a harpist and has 6 girls and one boy.  She also has a married son who plays the bagpipes and has one daughter.  Mrs. Ruthardt enjoys reading, sewing, needlework, puzzles, canoeing and playing with their Golden Retriever.

Miss Alicyn Brasseaux – Sped Aide

Miss Brasseaux was born in Idaho and lived several places before landing in Star Valley.  She graduated from Star Valley High School in May of 2021.  She loves music and sports.



Etna Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon Week the last week in October. All the students received a water bottle donated by The Bank of Star Valley and during the week they were able to earn stickers for their water bottle.  Monday was Physical Strength Day where they challenged several of our police officers and EMT’s in arm wrestling, sprint, and planks.  Tuesday was Healthy Eating and the students created a healthy snack with the help of the PTO.  Wednesday was Healthy Hobbies day where the students participated in classes such as, reading, nature walk, yoga, gratitude, service, etc.  The week ended with a dress-up day and and cleaning up the school. 

November Lunch Menu

Nurses Message