2022 February Newsletter

February 2022 Calendar

  • Feb 4 – No School
  • Feb 4 – 6th Grade Ski Trip
  • Feb 9 – District Spelling Bee – 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade
  • Feb 10 – Special Olympics – Afton Golf Course
  • Feb 11 – 6th Grade Ski Trip
  • Feb 14 – 17 – Random Acts of Kindness – Candy Grams 
  • Feb 16 – 4th Grade NAEP testing
  • Feb 18 – No School (Friday School)
  • Feb 22, 23 – Etna Enrichment
  • Feb 24 – Mustang Spirit Day
  • Feb 25 – No School
  • Feb 28 – March 3 – Literacy Week

Principals Message

I have had numerous conversations with parents, teachers, and students of late about foundational or basic skills.  Just like in sports, if the fundamentals aren’t in place, the rest of the skills will not be developed.  Typically, as the year progresses, basic skills receive less and less of our instructional time as we seek to help students have a deeper understanding of the identified grade level standards.  We do seek to bolster the identified basic and essential skills in some remediation and intervention time and after school tutoring, however, when a student is behind in these areas; the home is the best place for this catching up to be done as well.  We are all on the same team and our teachers are very committed each day to do all they can for your children. Together, let’s do all we can to prepare them for success at the next level.  Currently, our data indicates we have many students not progressing toward next grade level readiness.  If this is true of your child, please be prepared to work with your child’s teacher to do all we can to help them progress.

Two basic math skills needed for all grades are fluency with math facts (addition, multiplication, and divison) and solid understanding of fractions.  These are very simple to review and practice.  If your child does not know these facts, please ask your child’s teacher about ways to help him or her at home.  Also, fluent reading at grade level cannot be attained unless children regularly read at home.  It is recommended they read a minimum of 20 minutes at their independent level every day just to maintain the expected grade level reading skills.  In addition, as a basic life skill, every child should know their address and at least one reliable phone number to call.  

Together, let’s be their champion and combine our efforts to secure their success.  Please check with your child/children on how they are doing in each fundamental skill listed above.  If we can be a resource, please let us know.  Too much is at stake for any of us to not fully invest in their success.

Random Acts of Kindness week is February 14th through February 17th.  The Student Council are selling candy grams that the students can buy for anyone in the school.  They are anonymous!  The Goal is to spread kindness.

The students can purchase the candy grams for 50 cents each, Monday 2/14 through Thursday 2/17.  The money raised will go to a charity picked by the Student Council.    

6th Grade Ski Trips

The 6th Grade Ski Trips have been scheduled for Friday, February 4th and Friday, February 11. They will be going to White Pine Ski Resort in Pinedale, Wyoming. For more information contact your childs teacher or the office. 307-885-2472


     Congratulations to Emma Daniel who earned The Great American Citizenship Challenge

To earn this award she memorized the following:

The Preamble to the Constititution of the United States

The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

The Gettysburg Address

The 50 States and Capitals

The Star Spangled Banner

The Pledge of Allegiance

January Mustang Mentors

Mustang Mentors are students selected by their teachers for demonstrating strength in one or all of our 8 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills:  Name It to Tame It, Body Awareness, Focused Attention, Self-Awareness, Golden Rule, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, & Leadership.  

 Mustang Mentors are announced once a month at our Mustang School Spirit Day and will be honored for a month. If you would like more information about each of our 8 skills, please email gro.2dscl@nosamtrukba.  

Back Row (l-r): Parker Dyches, Adelaide Chapel, Osvaldo Montiel Preza, Gigi Buttram, Ginny Sinclair,
Mrs. Adele Helgesen (Staff Mentor), Josey O'Donnell, Preston Roberts, Taylor Battleson
Middle Row (l-r): Ryker Merritt, Finley Earling, Benzee Sanderson, Kaden Sturgeon, Tayvon,
Dylan Stevens, Elsje Boogaard, Rylee Western
Front Row (l-r): Callie Tibbitts, Brayton Martin, Natalie Wilson, Clarie Hobbs, Liam Bagley, Mason Suter, Enzo Miles, Rosalie Bazil, Jordan Scott

Ryker Merritt, Kellsie Dunne,
McKinley Thygerson, McKinley Frye, Lila Kinder, Hayden Kennedy,
Zoie Herrod, and Willow Ooka

have earned the


for reading all ten titles nominated for this Wyoming Children’s Book Award.

McKinley Thygerson


AR Honors Reader

by earning 100 AR points for 

reading books on the 

Honors Readers List.


The following students placed in their grade level spelling bees, qualifying them to participate in the LCSD2 Grade 4-6 Spelling Bee held at the District Office.

4th Grade

Kiersom Toutjian, Jaxton Merritt-Wood,             Rylie Deming, Abelina Scherbel, Mason Suter

5th Grade

Sawyer Crook, Derek Crowther, Wyatt Canfield, Emmaline Crook, Meysa Sutton

6th Grade

Axel Carlston, Ava Sutton, Nola Simpson, Hayden Kennedy, Slayden Penny

4th - 6th Grade LCSD2 District Spelling Bee
Etna Elementary Winners

4th Grade

2nd Place – Abelina Scherbel

3rd Place – Jaxton Merritt-Wood

5th Grade

1st Place – Emmaline Crook

        Four sixth graders move on to compete in the District Oral Bee on February 9th.  Nola, Hayden, Slayden, and Axel.

Fastest Class PE Challenge

And the winners are:

Music 2 – 6th Grade Class 

Music 1 – 5th Grade Class

Mr. McKinneys – 4th Grade Class

The winning classes ran the most laps around the gym in 3 minutes.  Every class showed improvement.

February Lunch Menu

Nurses Message