June Newsletter 2020

Principals Message

It has been a year like none other.  The effects of our situation will be far reaching and long lasting.  It is my hope you will partner with us to minimize the negative impact on learning for your children.  Summer reading and minds engaged over the summer have never been as important as this year.  PLEASE do all you can to not only engage your child in reading both fiction and non-fiction, but discussing it with them as well.  As always, math facts, fractions, and general number sense are critical.  I will be available all summer if you are compelled to support your child in their learning, but can’t find resources to aide you.  Don’t hesitate to call.

Due to the fluid situation, we anticipate mailing class lists and teacher letters etc. in July. In the meantime, it is very important all households update their registration information using this link 2020-21 Registration.  Additionally, 5th and 6thgraders need to select their music choice using this link 2020-21 5th & 6th Grade Music Registration.

I look forward to a new year, fresh start and bodies in our building. I hold great hope for what we can do to overcome the hurdles of the past few months.  With your help and support I am sure our teachers can help your children excel to the greatest degree possible.

Thank You!