2021 May Newsletter

May Calendar

  • 13th – 6th Grade Field Day and Tour of SVMS
  • 14th – No School
  • 17th – 3rd Grade Visit
  • 18th – 4th Grade Rendezvous
  • 20th – 5th Grade Living History
  • 20th – 5th & 6th Grade Strings Concert 6pm
  • 21st – No School
  • 24th – Stone/Helgesen “The Day the Crayon Quit” Production
  • 25th – 6th Grade Lava Hot Springs Trip
  • 26th – 5th & 6th Grade Band Concert 6pm
  • 26th – School Spirit Day (Wear School Colors)
  • 26th – End of the Year Awards Assembly
  • 27th – Field Day *Bouncy Houses*
  • 28th – Last Day of School (Half Day)
  • Please Complete the Returning Household Registration and the 5th & 6th Grade Music Registration.

Principals Message

This year we will offer summer tutoring to select students (entering 4th and 5th grade) who have not shown readiness for the next grade in math or language arts.  Summer school will not be provided in the district this year.  We will be contacting parents very soon to offer our tutoring services to students identified for support.  These students were identified using a variety of criteria in addition to academic deficiency.  If your child was not invited to be a part of our tutoring program and you would like to discuss their specific situation, please call me at the school (307) 885-2472.


For those who made classroom placement requests, please remember we do our best to accommodate requests, but placement is a complex endeavor that must consider a variety of factors.  The window for requests has now closed and we are working to build class assignments for each student.  If you would like to know the teacher to whom your child is assigned, we will be sending those home at the end of the year assuming you have registered your child as noted below.


All students need to be registered for next year via our online registration program.  Instructions on how to do this were emailed to parents in April.  If you have not yet registered your children, please click on the link below or cut and paste the following URL into your browser and follow the instructions.  http://tech.lcsd2.org/parents/returning-household-registration-guide/



Thank you for helping make this a great year at Etna Elementary.  We appreciate your support and all you do to make this a good experience for your child.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 307-885-2472.


April Mustang Mentors

Mustang Mentors are students selected by their teachers for demonstrating strength in one or all of our 8 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Skills:  Name It to Tame It, Body Awareness, Focused Attention, Self-Awareness, Golden Rule, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, & Leadership.  


Mustang Mentors are announced once a month at our Mustang School Spirit Day and will be honored for a month.  Mentors will be featured in videos made by our student council and their photos will be posted on the Mustang Mentor Wall.  If you would like more information about each of our 8 skills, please email gro.2dscl@nosamtrukba.  

Back Row (l-r): Caleb Crowther, Zane Dugger, Sydney Astle, Emmalin Warren, Bailey Sperry
Middle Row (l-r): Ridglynn Aullman, Slayden Penny, Landon Dokken, Stryker Suter, Brooke Bluse, Zane Dunn, Josie Hitch, Tucker Winters, Mason Jones, Jake Dandridge, Tayanna Bateman
Front Row (l-r): Scarlet Tipton, Gabe Jorgensen, Bryce Zilka, Avery Roby, Dylan Stevens, Ashley Penny, Alex Ayala, Elsje Boogaard
Meysa Sutton, Jacetin Clark and Katelynn Gaughan (not pictured)

Congratulations to Eden Adams who placed 1st place in the Wyoming Letters About Literature 2021. To read her work, click the button below.


We are losing a few Etna Elementary staff members this year.  We want to recognize them and say goodbye.  We hope the very best for them in their new endeavors.


Ms. Debra Polly is retiring this year.  She has taught for over 30 years and has been at Etna Elementary for 17 years.

Mrs. Jeri Luthi is retiring this year. She has been the kitchen manager at Etna Elementary for 17 years and in the district for 35 years.

Mrs. Mercy Dickey has taught at Etna Elementary for 14 years. She will be transferring to Star Valley Middle School to teach math.

Ms. Tina Allen has been at Etna Elementary for 17 years.  During her time at Etna she has had many jobs, some include Title 1 aide, Technology Specialist aide, recess, lunch and bus aide. 

This March for St. Patrick’s Day Etna Elementary Students planned a “Going Green” St. Patty’s Day Penny Drive event.  The idea was that the pennies collected would go towards purchasing trees to plant at our school.  In addition to pennies the students collected soda tabs for The Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake.  The event was a great success! Our school raised almost $300 in pennies and almost the same amount of tabs.  We purchased a tree and our student council planted it on Arbor Day.

May Lunch Menu

Nurses Message