May Newsletter 2020

May Calendar

We would love to receive pictures of activities (fun/academic) your child is doing at this time. Please send them to We will include them in our weekly school slideshow.

Principals Message

Due to the complications of COVID 19 we are unsure to what extent we may or may not offer summer school and or tutoring.  We will provide information as soon as we know anything.  To that end, it is critical that parents check our school webpage frequently for updates and valuable information.

All students need to be registered for the 20/21 school year via our online registration program. You are now able to register your child.  When you register it helps us have the most updated information for you and your child.   In addition, all 5th and 6th grade students will need to register for a music class.  This will help Mr. Kratz organize classes.  Both of these links can be found on the buttons below, or on our website's homepage.   We will not send home classroom teacher assignments until your child has been registered.

For those who made classroom placement requests, please remember we do our best to accommodate requests, but placement is a complex endeavor that must consider a variety of factors. The window for requests has now closed and we are working to build class assignments for each student. If you would like to know the teacher to whom your child is assigned, we will be sending those home at the end of the year assuming you have registered your child as noted below.

During this fluid time we are adjusting the end of the year plans and plans for the summer and next year continually.  If you have questions, concerns, or feedback please call me at (307)885-2472

Thank you!