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-Success is found in a little bit of practice every day-

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About our program:
5th and 6th Grade Musicianship Program

Students will learn the very basic set up, playing techniques, and music reading skills required to play the instrument they have chosen. It is a classroom rehearsal and self paced course. The rehearsal portion of this class is based out of the book essential elements 2000 and on the music selected for the end of year concert. The self paced portion is based on our unit goals. Each student has a copy every goal for the unit on what we call the pass off sheet. The students are encouraged to pass off at least one of those goals every day we meet, which is about once a week. They are also encouraged to pass off more if they would like to.

The class is expected to practice a little bit every day to help develop the muscle and muscle memory necessary for playing these instruments. The pass off sheet and essential elements book offers them material to practice. With a little bit of practice every day students to be able to pass something off every week.

Here are some downloadable versions of their pass off sheets:

Beginning musician .docx
Striving musician.docx
Pass off Acheiving musician.docx

Beginning percusion.docx
Striving percusion.docx

Concert Music Practice Help

EEI- Essential Elements Interactive
To log in go to www.essentialelementsinteractive.com
Click on student then enroll in your class

I will give you a number for your school ID
The school code is: LCSD2ElementaryBand

Here are some of the songs the sixth graders are putting together for the concert. They are available for streaming or download to accompany you while you practice.

Eight Chorals for El Band
Prestige march
Legend of the Warriors

Concert Date: May 22 @ 7:00

A little bit about Mr. Dilworth:

Mr. Josh Dilworth earned his A. A. Degree in music education from Snow College and a Bachelor of Music education from BYU-I. He has met and trained with world-class musicians. He has a great passion for teaching and playing music. He has performed a wide variety of genres including classical and jazz music and has toured to many places including The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Dilworth and his family live in Thayne. In addition to playing music they enjoy camping, fishing and four-wheeling.

If there are any questions about the band program or want to know how your student is doing feel free to email me at: